Tangible feedback is usually provided through the submission of a comprehensive yet concise report on key matters identified. Recommendations are clearly set out and the client has the option to implement themselves or engage FreightPartner for this purpose.
FreightPartner analyses available information from a variety sources and using either proprietary templates or other tools designed by FreightPartner to provide an incisive and succinct view of the client's freight supply chain efficacy level.
Defining what needs to done in order to integrate the solutions identified is seen as a critical phase of the implementation and requires time, resources and experience. The cost of Freight Partner’s involvement is usually covered by the cost savings to be realised from their implementation.
Following the analysis, the FreightPartner proprietary systems will generate options for improvement by focusing on the critical areas identified. Alternatively, if the analysis reveals little or no scope for improvement, then it will issue confirmation to this effect and end its engagement.