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Niche Consulting Practice

FreightPartner is an independent, niche consulting practice focused on providing support services to customers of Freight Forwarding and Contract Logistics service providers.

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Optimising Relationships

Freight underpins all supply chains and partnering is a fundamental concept of any supply chain engagement.

FreightPartner helps customers to optimise these partnered relationships

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Objective Client Services

We are able to offer objective services in the logistics strategic or tactical domains by leveraging a core of knowledge accumulated over decades. We have performed work for a number of large, listed and respected customers in South Africa, Asia and Europe.

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Brief overview of FreightPartner capabilities

The Three Lens Approach

FreightPartner delivers value to customers by utilising a proprietary, three lense approach.

Freight Management

Freight Management describes Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearing and relates to Import and Export freight supply chains.

Contract Logistics

The Contract Logistics element focuses on local warehousing and distribution, specifically, warehouse management; primary and secondary distribution and the information management that supports this.

Experienced Team

Philip Wyllie has extensive experience in the Logistics Industry with a core grounding in Freight Management, complimented by extensive exposure to the contract logistics sector.

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FreightPartner employs a powerful combination of knowledge, skills and network to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the freight supply chains concerning both Freight Management and Contract Logistics.


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